Welcome to the universe of Handmade accessories

Yulia Eremina is a designer of unique and custom made wedding accessories, hats and jewelry made in her own workshop. Her artistic inspiration ... she draws it from the beautiful things that surround her: nature, people, love ...I hope you will enjoy this trip by discovering her creations.

  • We have created new pieces of handmade jewelry, thinking of an original Christmas gift for this special person who deserves it.

  • We invite you to visit our Jewelry section.

  • Each of our hats is handmade. We take care of every detail, using high quality felts, dyes and silks. We care about the opinion of each client. We seek a good balance between the quality and the price of our pieces.

  • Each hat has the possibility of customization.

  • We invite you to choose your hat, since we believe that it is one of the accessories that speaks the most about who we are.

  • We are proud of the variety of our online courses.

  • What can be more valuable than knowledge?

  • We invite you to try this modality, since you can do it comfortably from your home at your own pace.

  • You can also give it to a person who is good at crafts.

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