Artistic Course  Cold Porcelain online.

We have created a very creative course based on a flower of the field example. You can create different real and fantasy flowers.

Unlike other online courses, our  courses will be personally supervised by the designer. You can send photos and videos,  ask direct questions via WhatsApp and have a telephone conversation as well  necessary.

In the course we will learn:

  1. Dyeing the dough before shaping 
  2. Make different shapes without cutters by creating patterns manually
  3. Mold and wire  leaves
  4. Create different  flower details
  5. Dye the pieces after drying, giving them naturalness by applying the color.

The videos will be sent by mail, it is completely forbidden to upload any information to social networks or the internet. Our videos are protected and can only be  use as personal training.

After making the payment and sending us the receipt, we will send you the list of  the necessary materials and websites where you can buy them

It is not necessary to have previous training. You can create multiple objects such as special headdresses, belts, jewelry. 

Enjoy it, the best  The gift we can do is learn new things and in this case very beautiful.