The Japanese technique of working the flowers allows us a wide range of possibilities to dye the flowers in any color range, to mold them in such a way so that they appear very natural with their shades and gradients.

In this course we learn 

1.  Squeeze the fabric

2.  Draw the pattern

3.  Cut out all the necessary details for the Chrysanthemum


5.  Shaping the petals  giving them the movement to look natural

6.  Form the  cotton center

10. Carry out the assembly 

It is an artistic work and really impressive.

The videos will be sent by mail, it is completely forbidden to upload any information to social networks or the internet. Our videos are protected and can only be  use as personal training.

After making the payment and sending us the receipt, we will send you the list of  the necessary materials and websites where you can buy them

It is not necessary to have previous training. You can create multiple objects such as special headdresses, belts, jewelry. 

Enjoy it, the best  The gift we can do is learn new things and in this case very beautiful.