Online Felt Course

It is a classic headgear course. Most winter hats and headdresses are made with  felt. 

It is essential to know the basic techniques to be able to make headdresses and hats and it is one of them. 

In the course he briefly explained about the different felts on the market and the tool he used. 

We will learn to prepare the cone and block on a special wooden mold. I have chosen this mold to be able to explain well how to work the irregular mold with folds.

We will work the inside of the cap by wiring the piece and sewing a lining and a lace ribbon.

Finally, we will iron, brush the hat and place the rubber band and comb so that it holds very well on the head.

And finally we will decorate it with a tulle embroidered with silk flowers and velvet (if you wish  learn to make silk flowers  I send you to see my courses in the "COURSES" section).

After verifying the payment we send it to you via WeTransfer. You can download it and enjoy the course as many times as you want. 

Our courses are protected. They are intended for the personal use of the student and  its publication in any internet medium is prohibited.