Cold Porcelain Online Course.

We have created a very complete course with two  examples:

A beautiful headband and bridal headdress. 

Unlike other online courses, our  courses will be personally supervised by the designer. You can send photos and videos,  ask direct questions via WhatsApp and have a telephone conversation as well  necessary.

In the course we will learn:

1.Dye the dough before shaping

2. Make the artisan pistils

3.Moulding  flowers and leaves  (daisy, rose, orange blossom, flower with pestyles)

4.Wire preserved flower

5.Dye the pieces after drying, giving them naturalness with the powdery effect

6. Make  different assemblies using delicate silk thread

7. Put subjection to our pieces in the strategic places.

After verifying the payment we send it to you via WeTransfer. You can download it and enjoy the course as many times as you want. 

Our courses are protected. They are intended for the personal use of the student and  its publication in any internet medium is prohibited.